Ethan Dawe


Motivated by this personal experience, Ethan’s desire to navigate the tax code efficiently and preserve wealth drove him to establish Innovative Financial Solutions in 2005. His vision was to offer comprehensive financial services, estate planning, tax-advantaged strategies, and more, providing individuals with the tools and knowledge to secure their financial future and optimize their assets.

Eli Martin


Eli Martin is a dynamic 24-year-old financial consultant based in the town of Auburn, Alabama where he received a Marketing Degree from Auburn University.



Myrick Martin


hailing from the charming town of Auburn, AL. Her life took a significant turn in 2020, when she began seeking what truly mattered to her: making memories, cherishing the people she loved, and valuing her time. 

Mirinda Dawe

Office Manager

Mirinda Dawe is a wife and mother with a diverse background that encompasses artistry, entrepreneurship, teaching and financial freedom.