Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of connecting with numerous veterinary associates and practice owners, often through client referrals. My experience spans from assisting first-year associates to clients aspiring to own private practices and those with well-established veterinary businesses. Throughout this journey, I’ve had the honor of conducting individual meetings with hundreds of students from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine and Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine. Additionally, I’ve presented to several veterinary student organizations across the country such as VBMA and SCAVMA and delivered presentations to professional veterinary groups and state veterinary associations.

Through these interactions, I’ve gained a unique perspective on the challenges faced by veterinary students and young veterinarians. Frequently, during student meetings, similar questions and concerns have surfaced. As a result, I authored a book aimed at providing solutions to some of the common questions and challenges they encounter. Furthermore, I offer veterinary clients a distinctive strategy, the Alternative Loan Repayment Concept (ALRC), designed to facilitate student loan repayment.

*Clinic Owners